NOPE company entered the business world in 1992. The beginnings of the company were modest. The production was around 70 coffins monthly, but it grew constantly every year. In 1994 company moved its production 60 km out of Prague into its own new built manufacture.

Today there is 75 people working in our company and we produce 2 200 coffins monthly and still growing our business. Most of our coffin production (80%) goes on Germany market to our permanent customers. Because of limited market in Czech Republic we are trying to reach other european markets besides Germany as well.

For more information about our coffin production please click here.

During past years NOPE company also became one of the biggest matchboarding wholesalers in Czech Republic. Around 30% of matchboarding sold by our company is produced in our manufacture and the rest we import from Sweden and Finland.

Besides selling matchboarding we produce "Other Wood Products" using matchboarding as main material. These are mainly all kinds of wood Garden Furniture products (tables, stools, deck chairs, garden houses, etc.), all kinds of products for pets (dog houses, rabbit hutches, etc.).

For more information about our "Other Wood Products" production please click here.

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