NOPE company entered the coffin manufacturing business in 1992. At the beginning we were producing around 70 coffins a month just for a Czech market.
As the production grew up to 2200 pieces a month, we built a new manufacture facility 60km out of Prague, where we are able to still grow our production.

Due to a limited size of a Czech market we established partnerships in Germany, where we export 80% of our production today.

We are able to deliver the goods right to our customers anywhere in Europe using our own trucks.

Our next goal is to still grow our production and look for new partners in European Union to do business with.

We are proud to be one of the biggest coffin producers in Czech Republic.


We use only high quality soft coniferous wood, mostly then spruce fir wood, pine wood, larch wood to make our coffins. All the wood manipulating and processing takes place in our manufacture, where we dry the wood to the best level and further use it in a production.

Very important part of the whole process is decorating the coffins, which is done by a demand of our customers. That most of the time means polishing, milling all kinds of ornaments etc.

We understand there are different designs of coffins used in every region or country around the Europe. That's why we are able to make coffins exactly by a demand of our customers.

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