During past years NOPE company also became one of the biggest matchboarding wholesalers in Czech Republic. Around 30% of matchboarding sold by our company is produced in our manufacture and the rest we import from Sweden and Finland.

Besides selling matchboarding we produce "Other Wood Products" using matchboarding and wood as main material. Making other wood products than coffins is one the ways we would like to grow our business in the future.

Thanks to our big manufacture we are able to make practically anything depending on a demand of the customer. Most of the time it is products like "garden furniture" (tables, stools, chairs, etc.) or products for "home pets" (dog houses, kennels, rabbit hutches, bird nests, etc.).

If you would like to see some of the products please view our products - showcase.

We use only high quality soft coniferous wood, mostly then spruce fir wood, pine wood, in combination with metal or some other materials depending on your demand. All the wood manipulating and processing takes place in our manufacture, where we dry the wood to the best level and further use it in a production.

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